Catamaran the Beagle Channel to Harberton Ranch

Spot Seabirds and Penguins

Explore a Historic Estancia

View the Patagonian Mountains From the Sea

Cruise the Beagle Channel Spotting Wildlife and Exploring the Pioneer Past

From the comfort of a purpose-built catamaran, sit back and relax as the Beagle Channel and its impressive views pass by. This tour offers an unparalleled opportunity for birdwatching in Argentina as well as the opportunity to get out on the water. Take in mountains, islands, and sea while observing some of Patagonia’s most iconic marine animals. Sail past a Gentoo and Magellanic penguin colony. After taking in the sites around Beagle Channel, get out of the boat and tour the historic Harberton Ranch before driving back to Ushuaia.


View the iconic Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse and the largest conchero, shelly deposit, of the Yamana Indians in the region.

Search for an extensive list of bird species and sea mammals with the help of a local guide.

Boat out to a penguin colony, where you’ll see hundreds of penguins, learn about their lives, and understand the conservation efforts.

Fantastic photographic opportunities are guaranteed as you marvel at the natural beauty of southern Patagonia.

Tour a historic, fourth-generation family estate just outside of the southernmost city in the world.

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Trip Details

Trip Details


US$55 per person

Departure time


Meeting point


Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Mid-October through late-March


Full-day (9+ hours)

Group size

Max 100 passengers

Difficulty level



  • Local guide
  • Catamaran cruise
  • Penguin viewing
  • Entrance to Harberton Ranch
  • Land transport back to Ushuaia

Not included

  • Lunch

What to bring

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Raincoat
  • Water bottle 
  • Camera
  • Sun protection 
  • Snacks

About the weather

The weather in Ushuaia can change by the minute! Please be ready for all types of weather and note that our itinerary may change due to the conditions.

Trip Overview

This day trip from Ushuaia offers a full tour of the Beagle Channel in a 100-passenger catamaran. This tour also offers a unique opportunity for bird watching in Argentina, viewing of colonies of seals and sealions and unparalleled views.

As we disembark from the port, enjoy panoramic views of the Ushuaia coast. Spot the Maritime (Ex-Penitentiary) Museum, the Museum from the End of the World, Ushuaia’s industrial area as well as the Olivia and Five Brothers mountains. We sail towards the southwest, approaching the Island of Los Lobos, where, from the boat, we will be able to view the sea lions in their permanent habitat.

Next, we’ll pass the aptly named bird island. There we can spot king shags, imperial shags, Magellanic cormorants, imperial cormorants, giant albatrosses, fullman, petrels, skuas, and around 20 different species of seabird. Then we’ll reach the furthest point of our cruise, the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, on an archipelago of the same name. This lighthouse, built in 1919, is an authentic symbol of Ushuaia and in these islets, it is possible to see parts of Monte Cervantes, a ship that sank in 1930.

Crossing the Beagle Channel in a north-south direction, we will see Gable Island and the Puerto Williams Naval Base. Upon reaching Isla Martillo, we approach the beach. From the boat, we can view a colony of Gentoo and Magellanic penguins as they nest on this island during the summer season. As we observe them, they will approach the boat with remarkable curiosity, entering the sea swimming under the catamaran, and re-emerging. It’s a great opportunity to take countless photographs as this gang of penguins love having their photo taken!

We continue on to our last stop, to La Estancia Harberton. Arriving at the ranch, we’ll be warmly welcomed by the fourth-generation manager. This manager’s great grandparents founded this historic estancia (estate) and we’ll be given the opportunity to tour the grounds and learn about its history of wool production. Through the rustic tea room windows, glimpse the wild scenery of Patagonia mountains. After our tour, we’ll take our comfortable land transport back to Ushuaia.

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