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Immersive Day Trips & Experiences From Ushuaia To Connect You To Nature

Join Drake’s expert guides on these complete excursions from Ushuaia. Immerse yourself in the surrounding Patagonian wilderness as these day trips allow anyone to enjoy the beauty of Patagonia no matter your ability level. View Patagonia’s impressive list of bird species(opens in a new tab). Take in the wonders of Tierra Del Fuego National Park(opens in a new tab) by van or by historic train(opens in a new tab). Spend a peaceful day sport fishing(opens in a new tab) or get your adrenaline pumping on our Off-Road Adventure.(opens in a new tab) Spend the day at a local fishing village(opens in a new tab) and witness their unique way of life or step back in time by visiting a historic ranch and cruising by a penguin colony. Finally, take flight and enjoy 360-degree views from the air with our Helicopter Experiences.(opens in a new tab)

No matter which experience you choose, you can expect Drake’s local guide team to take care of all the details. You can relax and breathe the fresh, natural air! These easy, nature experiences do NOT require extended periods of walking or physical excursion.

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