A Warm Welcome to the End of the World

Our name Drake comes from the famous (or infamous) Drake’s Passage, the gateway to Antarctica. Ushuaia too is a gateway city for the majority of cruises that depart for the Antarctic Peninsula each Austral summer. Drake’s passage is notoriously stormy but it is also full of sea life and energy. Drake Travel Ushuaia is here to provide you with a warm welcome and ensure you have an incredible experience in the extreme South! Locally owned and operated since 2008, our purpose is to immerse our guests in the natural beauty, incredible wildlife, and unforgettable culture of Ushuaia, located in the land of fire (Tierra Del Fuego).

Drake Travel Ushuaia has strong partnerships with local companies and people in Ushuaia and Tierra Del Fuego. Our community is built on cooperation. We work hand in hand with our clients and the local community to provide the best possible service. We want everyone to have an unforgettable experience while they are visiting us. Our programs are highly tailored and personalized to the needs, desires, and imaginations of our visitors and travel industry partners from all over the world. We want all travelers to explore the natural wonders of the region, taste the local cuisine, and interact with local people so that they will never forget their experiences at the bottom of the globe. We take pride in sharing the fascinating history of our home with you and welcoming outsiders to a city that remains secluded from the modern world.

Drake supports local restaurants, up-and-coming tourism providers, and guides. We do our best every day to show you how proud we are of our southernly home.

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